Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was a tricky one for Zack. He wanted so much to be a Star Wars figure but we could not find the right one, then we could not find one that fit him right. So after many long hours searching, he compromised. We found a costume that he thought was hilarious. I happen to think he is absolutely adorable in his costume.

What do you think?

Admit it, this is the cutest little hot dog you have ever seen!

But wait,

it gets better.

Although he was happy with being a hot dog, there was still that pull for a Star Wars figure. You know little boys who long for something can not just let it go. So HE became a little inventive with his costume. Take one Hot Dog, add a Light Saber and magically you become...

A Jedi Hot Dog!

How Cute is He!
(By the way he got extra candy at a couple houses for such a cool costume.)

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