Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trick or Treat #1

We went on our first Trick or Treating venture today. I have to say we had a great time.
One of the local assisted living homes hosted it and it was really sweet to see the joy on the faces of the patients as each child entered into their rooms. Some patients had family in there rooms with them to help hand out candy, others waited by their doors for the kids to come.

I have taught Zack that you take only one piece of candy and he was trying so hard to do just that but room after room he was told by the patients to take two or take more than that. He looked bit confused but did as he was told. LOL.

Can I just say this child came home with more candy than he will ever eat! He had a regular plastic Halloween pumpkin that you buy in any store. That poor pumpkin was three quarters of the way full. He has never had that much candy in his entire life!

Zack chose a pirates costume this year. So he was decked out in the gold hoop earring, the eye patch, the hook and the beard. I must admit he was adorable. Lots of people told him he was the cutest pirate they had ever seen so move on over Mr. Depp I think you have some competition!

Note to any parents how cover their little ones eye with a patch, They may not be able to follow a straight line while walking so be sure to guide them before they walk off the sidewalk.

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