Monday, October 5, 2009

Frustrating late fees

Yes Ms Librarian, I understand the 2 children's DVDs are 4 days overdue. I have been sick and unable to drop them off. No, I did not plan on them being late. We actually had a visit to the library scheduled on the calendar but unfortunately that is the day I became sick. Had I not gotten sick your DVDs would have been returned before their due date. Yes Ms Librarian, I will pay the late fees on the 'Holiday' one. I have no problem with that since he watched it at least 10 times during those 4 days (oh by the way, it really does need a good cleaning, it skips in 2 different areas).
I do not think I should have to pay the late fees on the 'sports' one at all. You see Ms Librarian had your staff done their job and checked the case before the little lock was put on there, then someone would have noticed the DVD that is there doesn't belong in there and is not even close to being the right one. Therefore I do not think I should have to pay the late fee. The movie in that case was never watched . The movie in that case was not the one we thought we were borrowing from your facility.
Well thank you Ms Librarian, I now know never to borrow a DVD from your library again, I would have no problem at all paying the fees had my son actually been able to watch the movie he wanted but no because your staff doesn't do there job, it should not cost me money.

I can not wait until the new library closer to home opens.

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