Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What makes him tick?

What exactly makes a boy think the way they do?

You see I have this adorable little boy who is quite funny at times, quite demanding at other times and sometimes he is the sweetest little guy on the face of this earth.

He says things that blow me away like this morning when he said "mom you know what the coolest thing is?" When I told him I did not know he responded with "Being with you!" Sigh.

He does things that drive me nuts like the button pushing. He has this uncontrollable urge when he sees buttons or knobs that he has to touch, turn and push them. It has to be uncontrollable because you can tell him not to touch them and he can not stop. I do not believe he is purposely being defiant I think it is something within him that makes him do it.

He feels the need to make my job as a parent harder than it should be sometimes. Last night we went through our night time routine then I put an undershirt on him then his pajamas, we said prayers and in bed he climbed. Kris got home about 30 minutes later and went in to give him a kiss. Zack was still awake. Before going to bed, I went to check on him, much to my surprised his pajamas were not on him. I asked Kris if he took Zacks pajamas off him he said no and then said he didn't understand why I just put him to bed with a shirt on. We went back in there and the child had taken his pajamas completely off and they were stuffed under the covers at the bottom of the bed! Let me just say it is really hard redressing a child who is sleeping and weighs a ton. The one good thing... he didn't wake up while we were trying to get him dressed again.

I still don't know why he does some of the things he does and I guess I will never know for sure but one thing I do know for sure is each day there is something new. I may not like that something new but that doesn't seem to matter much to this little boy.


Kristin said...

It is amazing how they can make your heart melt in one moment and drive you crazy the next.

kirimarie said...

The button pushing totally cracks me up. So true!!