Monday, May 3, 2010

As seen on TV

Oh no, my child is a walking commercial. I am telling you he is going to be the next guy you see on every infomercial.

Before Christmas time all I heard from the boy was we needed a perfect brownie pan because the TV said it makes the perfect brownies and we can only have perfect brownies with no rips. Mind you we rarely if ever make brownies.

Then I heard day after day how we needed to have the Touch and Brush. You know the one where you push the little lever and the toothpaste comes out on to your tooth brush. The one I find absolutely disgusting. The one he insisted would mean he wouldn't get any toothpaste on the counter anymore.

Then he wanted the Aqua Sand so he could use it over and over again. Right on there kiddo, like I would trust you with water and sand in my house. You have a sand box and a water table outside... see ya.
Oh then there was the Bog Top Cupcake Pan that we just had to buy because we need to make really big cupcakes. Again we rarely bake cakes so how will this help?
The latest and greatest is the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap Dispenser. Oh my how that child can give you all the key features to this product. He is desperate to have one of these not only so his hands never have to touch the germy soap bottle again but also because it is antibacterial (like he even knows what that means).
I think these companies need to send him a paycheck, after all he is promoting their products sometimes on a daily basis.

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Kristin said...

OMG! My boys beg for the touch and brush too. Must be something subliminal in the commercial.