Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Friday June 25, 2010 my son David walked down the aisle of his church and married his best friend Ronnisha (aka. Lilly). Not only did he become a husband he also became a step dad to a cutie pie two year old little girl, Indigo.

The ceremony was a small intimate ceremony with just the bride and groom, the parents, the couple who witnessed the event for them and the kids. It was a short sweet ceremony. During the ceremony I was doing anything I could to keep Zack quiet and yes I even resorted to popping a gold fish or two in his mouth.

They are planning on having a big celebration on their first anniversary for friends and family to join them in celebrating their union.After the wedding had taken place I was joking with David that he should have taken her last name instead of the other way around. David has his fathers last name but Lilly had the same last name as Kris and I. Weird I know.

The ceremony.

The new family (Indigo was not so happy that she had to stop playing for a moment).

The committed.

The family.

Miss Indigo


BTW I still want to know when did I get old enough to have a child get married? I swear I am too young for this. LOL

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