Monday, June 7, 2010

Father and Son bonding.

Kris had promised Zack for over a week that he would take him to shoot paintballs. That is all Zack talked about all week. Everyday he would get up and within the first hour he would ask if it was the day daddy was taking him to play paintball at the paintball field. Yesterday was the day.
Now I was not so thrilled with the idea of having my four year old at the paintball field possibly getting hit with a ball. I was told they would only be in the area where you take your gun to test shoot it.

Paintball Guns... check
Goggles... check
Paintballs... check
A snack for a very hungry little man... check
A drink for a very thirsty little man... check
And finally sunscreen applied... check.

Off they go.

When they arrived home, I find out they weren't in the area where you test the gun. No, my four year old was playing paintball on a field all set up with bunkers. Thankfully he was the only one on that field shooting. He loved it. Kris told me he set him up to shoot at the largest bunker, turned around for a second and the little paintball pro was going around shooting at everything.

I think the mask is a bit big for him but apparently that didn't stop him.
Here he is loading the hopper with all the paintballs. (Zack be grateful dad didn't make you clean your own gun like he did me the first time I went to play).
Partners in crime

Here he is on the field.

He needs to learn how to hold the gun a little better.

I asked Zack all about his adventure and he told me "I want to go back sometime." When I told him he had to ask dad he responded with a "I sure will Mom". Then he told me all about Dad using someone else's gun to shoot and how dad said it was OK to do that. When I asked him whose gun he used he said "I used the green one." I said "I know it was green but whose gun is it?" (Kris sit down now) Zack looked at me like I was asking the dumbest question the world and he said "Mom it is my gun!"

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