Friday, June 11, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

I am known to some as Princess. I do not necessarily act or look the part but when it comes to creepy crawly things I am definitely a Princess. I do not like critters, I will not come close enough to one to ever touch one nor would I come close enough to look one in the eye.

There is a frog living on the grounds of my castle. How dare he decide to take up residence without signing a contract stating he will stay far far away from this princess.

You see he made himself known the day I, the princess and her henchmen were beautifying the grounds. This creature had the nerve to jump out in the direction of your Royal Highness scaring the bleep out of me! Both my henchmen laughed, thinking it was funny that their leader was about to have a heart attack over a frog. Being the wonderful person I am, I allowed this creature to live in the royal flower gardens. He must not have liked this location because several days later he scared the bleep out of the princess a second time.

He had decided to take up residence in another area of the grounds without first gaining approval from the princess. The little henchman that was tending the grounds with the princess thought it very funny when the little slime ball jumped out at her again. Now this little slime ball had taken up residence in the hose reel hideaway box. "OK OK Frog, I will allow you to live there, someone else will have to water the gardens each day."

Now apparently the hose reel box was not roomy enough when the hose was actually rolled up so he moved out. He took up residence under the grill jumping out at the little henchman who was all to excited to see this slimy little creature. "Listen up Slimy you can live under the grill all you want, I will no longer cook outdoors for my loyal servants."

Tonight the large servant and I were taking care of the grounds once again when I the princess bent down to smell the roses only to have that darn little slimy creature hop out of the rose bush. While I was trying to water the rose bush and watch that flippin slime bucket so he did not hop in my direction I leaned into a spider web that I did not see. There was still a spider in the web! I screamed for the large servant to help get the web and the spider from my hair. "Listen up slime bucket, you win! I will no longer be exiting the royal palace. You may have the grounds I am through with your games. From here on out my loyal henchmen will have to take care of the royal grounds while I bellow orders from inside the palace."

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Kristin said...

I am right there with you girl (or should I call you princess). I don't do frogs much and certainly don't do spiders. Yuck.