Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The war of the rose bushes.

On Mothers day I received two yellow rose bushes. Very pretty. They had been sitting in the pots since then in the flower bed just waiting for decisions to be made on where to plant them. Finally decided Sunday to get them in the ground before the poor things die. Kris and Zack did the holes, we get the bushes in the ground and give a certain little man warnings that he is to stay away from them.

Then Monday we are outside watering some plants and the neighbors from next door come over. Zack walks his friend over to the rose bushes and gives very specific instructions to stay away from mommies roses or she will spank. My neighbor laughs and tells Zack that she has the same rules about her rose bush.

The kids are playing, I warned twice to stay away from the roses when they were getting to close. Sure enough before I could get the final warning out the neighbor throws the ball dodge ball style at Zack and he runs and tries to duck down landing right smack in the middle of one bush! After getting him up and out then making sure he wasn't seriously hurt I check on the bush.
I am sad to say half of it did not make it, he broke off a good portion of it. I am hoping it does not kill the whole thing.

It is becoming more obvious by the day that I can not have anything nice until Zack is married and buys his own home!

By the way, he did not get spanked although I thought about it and also he is fine, some scratches on his face and leg but nothing major.

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