Friday, September 2, 2011

The purple cow did him in.

Aw crud, I have damaged my child!

He got off the school bus telling me something was wrong, really wrong today and that he was so sorry. Then he stood there at the bus stop and the tears started rolling, then nearly hyper ventilating, the complete sorrow in those poor little eyes. When I asked him what was wrong all he could tell me was "I am so sorry, I did something wrong at school today." I asked what he did, he cried harder. Seriously what could he have done that was so wrong, so terribly wrong. You can imagine what I was thinking. I seriously thought he misbehaved in school and had a letter for me in his backpack. Oh but I was wrong very wrong, because when he calmed down enough to tell me I wanted to laugh. I knew I couldn't though, that would have sent mixed signals to the already upset child.

Apparently today was purple day in his class (each day is a new color). Basically the highlights of purple day are that they made purple cow puppets and the teacher treated them to a purple cow drink (ice cream with grape soda).

He told me he was so excited to have the snack that the teacher made that he did not eat the snack I packed for him. Then it hit him and he felt bad for drinking soda when that is a big no-no. Oh that after the fact remorse will get you every time kid.

Well the time has come for me to stop saying my son has never had soda. Today he had soda. Of all places he drank it in school. I do not let my son drink soda - at all!

We did talk about it later on and I did tell him I was not upset with him but the rule still stands and he is not to think he can order a soda in a restaurant.

This whole parenting thing stinks when you try to set rules and someone else unknowingly lets them break a rule.I guess I need to work on getting him to make better decisions.

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