Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The easy things in life.

I seriously felt like that Rice Krispies commercial that use to air. You know, this one.
I love when she throws flour in her face, that little extra zing to make her family think she really went to any trouble.

Although he didn't have Rice Krispie Treats seeing Zacks expression over his 'special' dessert after dinner last night was priceless.

Seeing his expression you would have thought I slaved over a hot oven for hours on end. Little does he know it took me all of thirty seconds to make.

I broke up a graham cracker and layered graham crackers then chocolate pudding more graham crackers them more chocolate pudding, topped with some whipping cream and sliced strawberries. He ate everything in the bowl, and asked for more.

To him there was never a better dessert.

If only everything were that easy.

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