Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Funny funny child.

Oh this child of mine has a sense of humor and does not even know it.

Last night Zack and I were watching some television. He was getting a bit annoyed because I did not have cartoons on so when I finally did turn them on he was as happy as could be.

He pipes up "Mommy I love you!"
So of course my heart starts melting.

Then not even one minute later he looks at me and says "Mommy, why you so old?"

He giveth and he taketh away!!

Today we invited Kris out to lunch so we picked him up from work and drove over to the pizza place. Of course Mr. Zack was super excited because we had not been there in a long time and he loves going to the pizza shop that has the man 'frowing' the pizza.

Anyway we finish up and get into the car to take Kris back to work and Zack says "Daddy fank you for having wunch wif me". Kris replied with a thank you for inviting me.

I started to snicker and told Zack that Daddy was the only person in the world you could 'invite' for lunch and have him pay.

The little stinker says "No mommy, he not a person he DA MAN!"

See how it has been, he builds mom up just to knock her down again but that daddy dude he just gets an inflated ego!


Kristin said...

Amazing what they pick up isn't it!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

So true-
and the comments are similar here...:)
thanks for your comments on my master bedroom!
you all inspire me!