Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Butter me up.

Zack is a lover of fried egg sandwiches. He would eat them everyday, multiple times a day if I let him.
When he woke up this morning he told me he couldn't think of what he wanted for breakfast which usually means 'I am thinking egg sandwich but if I say it you will tell me no'.
Of course I let him have an egg sandwich this morning. He was kind enough to get out the bread and the mayo while I was busy cooking the egg. He also made his own strawberry milk this morning.
Once he was seated at the table and eating I asked him how it was. He had a mouth full of sandwich so he replied with a big old smile and a thumbs up. Once he swallowed he looked at me and said "Hey Mom, you and your mother make the best egg sandwiches." (Sure kid, you know you won't get anymore if you don't butter me up).

After he finished the sandwich, he said "Mom, I give you three thumbs up for that sandwich".

He's looking for something I just know it. Now to find out what it is.

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