Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Riding his bike.

Oh this child of mine is running on full speed today.

He did not have any sugared cereal, no sugary snacks, no special treat for eating his lunch yet he has been moving non stop all day.

Please someone tell me where all this energy is coming from?

I was exhausted just watching him this morning but my gosh after having to chase him down several times today I am ready for bed time now!

If it weren't raining out I would take him outdoors and let him ride his bike down the street again. He wanted to ride his bike last night so we went on a walk while he rode. He did very well riding all the way down the street.

He was trying very hard to peddle so he could catch up to Kris and he blurted out "Wow, I am a little slow". Too funny.

Kris was telling Zack to be careful and not hit the truck that was parked halfway onto the sidewalk, then he tried to get himself between Zack and the truck where he proceeded to walk into the hitch on the back of it. I swear I tried to stifle my laughter but I didn't do to well.

When we turned to come home poor Zack was too tired to ride anymore (or so he said). He had tons of energy to walk and run leaving us behind. Kris had to carry the bike and helmet home. Maybe next time he will be able to ride a little bit longer.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

That is so sweet!!! My boys LOVE their bikes-
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

ParentingPink said...

My 5 year old learned to ride her bike last summer and hasn't stopped since! LOL. I love it because it's such great exercise for her and it USUALLY wears her out!