Saturday, March 28, 2009

Visiting the Fire Station

We took a tour of the fire station yesterday. Zack asked a million questions, you know the typical what is that button for, what does that do, what is behind there.
Thank goodness for a wonderful Captain who was more than happy to answer his questions.

A local mothers group set up the tour so I figured it was a perfect opportunity to teach Zack a bit of fire safety at his level.

We get to the fire station, which is located next to a church. Zack spots the churches big, bright playground and he wants to go over there. I tried telling him that belonged to the church but obviously he didn't like my explanation because he asked the Captain if we could go to the playground. The Captain explained the playground was the churches and we couldn't play on it. He never asked about it again.

The kids got to see all the tools the firemen have, Zack was fascinated with the 2 foot long wrench and the saws. Go figure. They were allowed to climb in one of the new firetrucks, Zack tried to find the button for the siren...thankfully he never did.

One of the firefighters put on all his gear and let the kids come over and touch it, turn on the flashlight, and just explore it so if they were ever trapped in a fire and saw a firefighter they wouldn't be afraid. Which I thought was a great thing for the kids.

Everyone went home with smiles on their and red Jr. firefighter hats.

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kirimarie said...

sounds like a fun day, Leah. We have a fire station right up the street, and Ben gets to visit fairly often. He loves it! I bet Zach is still talking about his visit!