Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Listen up.

I can no longer say Zack doesn't listen when I speak. The problem is he listens to all the wrong things...

I have a tendency to call Kris "Babe". So when he is leaving I say something like

"Have a good day Babe".

Yesterday when he was leaving I just said "Have a good day" and left it at that.

Zack said "no mommy, say have a good day Babe".

I try very hard not to swear in front of him because he will repeat it...

over and over and over again

So when something gets on my nerves I tend to say the word freak or freakin' instead of the other F word.

Zack has now taken it upon himself to start saying

What the freakin'.

I have gotten many looks while in the grocery store.
I like most parents have tried to get him to stop but it is a slow going process.

I try to explain things to Zack all the time, like how things work for example. Usually during my explanations he tends to interrupt when he thinks he knows what will happen next. Most times he is wrong and I come back with "No actually... blah blah blah".

Several times now I have noticed when he is trying hard to explain something to someone whether it is me, Kris or someone else he just blurts out "Well Actually... blah blah blah".

During his troublesome phase, he was getting into everything. Making mess after mess.
I would tend to walk upon the devastated area and immediately spew out

"Oh Lord child what are you doing".

Well that has come back to haunt me because several times when I have asked him to do something and he has inadvertently made a mess he blurts out

"Oh Lord child!"

Maybe just maybe I will get lucky when he is older and will listen to all the right things I say to him...
I can dream, can't I?

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