Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Troublesome Threes

Oh these troublesome threes are going to be the death of me.

The attitude I am getting from this child of mine is to the point of driving me insane.

The mood swings are incredible. Who knew the mood swings of a three year old could be worse than any female with PMS. Those that say women with PMS are miserable or mean have never been around a (mainly my) three year old when he does not get his way. One second he is happy and singing or dancing around, the next he becomes Satan's brother!

If you are ever around him pay attention because when he gets that look in his eye, you just need to run as far away as possible. And I really do mean as far away as you can get.
Trust me when I say there are many times I wish I could run in the other direction until that sweet little boy comes back out.

This morning be became all kinds of upset because I told him to put the flashlight down. He knows he has one in his room he can play with. He knows he is not supposed to touch the big one. He got that look in his eye and then the sweet boy was gone.

Please tell me this is a phase and he will be grown out of it in no time. If you can't tell me that then please find a good facility for me to be admitted to.


Ruby Red Slippers said...

You are so funny!
I thought I had the perfect son who skipped right over the "terrible twos"...however-three just about killed me with him. I totally know how you feel-and I went on to have two more of them! (and I wasn't committed to a facility...yet)
My advice (after two with terrible threes and one terrible two boy):
You are the boss-if you say it-mean it.
Be consistent.
Back up what you say with a consequence (if needed) and add plenty of love, hugs and kisses.

You will be rewarded when they are 4 and 5-that has been my favorite age so far-they just LOVE their moms at that age!
Good luck!

ParentingPink said...

Yep I can sooooo relate! My daughter just turned 2 and I went through the same things with my now 4 year old around that age. I HATE the tantrums and the word "NOOOOO!" Yesterday, my toddler had 5 timeouts in the morning alone! LOL. Augh, motherhood - good times! :-)

L~ said...

Our second is like that, he's 6. We had twins when he turn 3 and that's when you need to catch it. THE behavior. We/I was too busy and tired to be able to cope with breathing let alone a three year old. You just need to teach him good ways to be frustrated and angry. The emotions aren't bad. I know, I know...believe me when I say I understand!! We have holes in walls broken furniture, frayed nerves...I always try to remind myself, this too shall pass. He's 6 now, and it still happens...just less and less and there is a reasoning function that is slowly kicking in....hang in there mom - you're not alone!!!