Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black Lights and Belly Aches.

Last night we sat down with Zack to watch the movie Bolt. Everything was going well even though Zack had not taken a nap yesterday and was on the tired side. Once it was over he was practically running to bed. It was 8:40.
I started feeling queasy just before the movie ended. I do not know what came over me. I was light headed and nauseated. My first thought was "Oh great it is going to be one of those nights".
I went to bed early but could not sleep.
Poor Zack whined every half hour and when Kris or I went up there he complained of his throat hurting.

This morning I brought him into our bed hoping I could catch a few zzz's.

It didn't work.

I held him off as long as possible before the whining for breakfast started.
When K showed up we only had a short period of time before we were to leave for the egg hunt I promised the kids. Just as I was getting things ready poor Zack threw up on the kitchen floor. Ugh. Thank goodness Kris was home to clean it up because I don't think my stomach could have handled it.

(thank you honey, you are such a good hubby)

We went to the egg hunt anyway. I didn't want either kid to be disappointed by not going so we toughed it out.

What was I thinking?

We registered, waiting for our number to be called then went inside. Yes inside, it was being held at a laser tag place. That would have been wonderful but I was still feeling light headed. We go into a little room and were told what was going to happen, then we were ushered into a black light room for our eyes to get used to the lights. The kids thought it was "cool" that their clothes were glowing.
Then we were able to go hunt.
The kids had a blast, I was a bit light headed by all the lovely glowing colors. Thank you Kris for being there, I don't think it would have been good for me to drive home but we are home now and hopefully I will be able to nap when the kids do. I really need it.
I do not want to be sick on Easter, that wouldn't really fit into our tradition of going out for a yummy pizza dinner.

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