Friday, April 3, 2009

The little man.

My little boy is now a man.

Zack and I went to see my mom yesterday. While we were there Zack was getting a little stir crazy being in the house so it was decided the three of us would take a walk. We started out and didn't get very far before a pack of dogs came running out of the woods just down the road from where we were. That ended that walk we made a quick get away since neither of us had ever seen these dogs before.
Just before we got back to the house, Zack turns around holds his hand straight out in front of mom and I then says "I will handle this ladies...Don't worry".
Who knew my 3 year old was no longer a baby? He is now thinking like a man and handling any problems us ladies seem to have. LOL
Gosh I love that kid.

A short time later Kris called moms house to check up on us and of course Zack just had to talk with him on the phone. He told him all about our short walk and all about going over to see Pudgy (moms dog who is penned up). While telling Kris about seeing Pudgy, I hear Zack say to his father
"Pudgy, can you say Pud-gy?"
As if Kris were a 2 year old.
I don't think Kris really saw the humor it.

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kirimarie said...

Our babies are not young men. Crazy, isn't it?!