Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Candy

Last week Kris came home and asked if he could take some of Zack's Easter candy to put in the candy jar at work. That is fine (those jelly beans had to go as well as some of the other none chocolate stuff he got). I don't have a problem with that since Zack is not going to eat it all anyway.

He got some from the Easter Bunny at the mall, some from the Easter egg hunt he went to and some the bunny left at the house.

Kris starts going through it and he's taking all the good stuff!
And by good stuff I mean the chocolate.

So I said something about him taking all the good candy and to leave some here.
By some, I mean all the chocolate.

How dare he even think about taking all the chocolate away from this chocoholic!

He makes a comment about the Easter Bunny leaving to much candy, apparently my husband has not quite figured out yet that I am the flippin' Easter Bunny in this house and I buy the candy that I want to eat!!
Did he really think I bought all that candy for Zack to eat?

Let me make this clear for you Honey... I am the Easter Bunny, I buy what I want to eat and I will be damned if you think you are going to deny me the pleasure of stealing chocolate from my kids basket!
Got it?

Okay now that it's settled and you understand, we can live in peace and harmony.

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Together We Save said...

I love chocolate too. I could eat it all the time.