Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bad Day.

Bad days that just get worse as they go along really stink!

I had one of those days a few days ago, it just seemed like every thing that could go wrong did.

Zack was in a mood from the moment he woke up which just was not what I needed.
Things went from bad to worse at home so I figured maybe a change in scenery would do me some good. I gather up the kids, whatever they might need and we headed to my favorite store.

I break out the coupons and tell the kids if they are good they will get to play the piano when I am done getting what we need. There is a keyboard in the back of the store they love to play.
Every 3.5 minutes Zack asks can we play the piano yet? Is it time yet? Are we going to the piano yet?

It's very hard to concentrate on what is a good deal as opposed to a great deal using my coupons when he is constantly asking a million and one questions. I deal with it and try my hardest to get through the store in a decent amount of time so they can have their time. I just get to the last section of the store that I need to purchase something in and start scoping out my deals when Zack looks at me in total shock. He never told me he had to go to the bathroom and he just wet his pants!

He is day time potty trained so why he never said anything is beyond me. Extra clothes are in the car, it is pouring rain outside at the moment so I decided just to get the last item and go to the check out. I figured what more damage can be done he is already wet.

I unfortunately got stuck at the register of the coupon Nazi! She scrutinized every single coupon I had. She stood there trying to argue with me. At this point I was getting pissed because Zack started with the mommy I have to go potty. I finally get everything done and paid for and tell Zack to hold on.

I can't take him to the bathroom because there is to much stuff to carry in and the store employees will not watch my stuff, so to the truck we go. I am not running through the rain again so I put a diaper and pants on him (I forgot to stick underpants in the diaper bag).

Now we are off to the grocery store because we are completely out of milk, bread and various other items. It is a 2 minute drive from one place to the other. We get there and I go to put Zack in the cart and he was wet. Somehow he wet so much it flooded the diaper and on to his pants.

At this point I don't care, we are here and I am getting the stuff before going home! The lady at the deli counter asks if she could give the kids a treat. Sure what the heck they never did get to play the piano so why not. She gave them each a cookie, it was much bigger than I thought it would be but I let them eat it anyway even though it was close to dinner time.

I get the kids in the truck, stuff the groceries in the passenger seat since my rear window will not go down (that is a story in itself). I get home, the rain has died down to a very slow drizzle now. I get the kids out and in the house, I open the door to get the groceries out and the gallon of milk comes flying out onto the ground, thankfully it did not bust open because I probably would have bust out crying if it did.

Oh yeah and to top the whole day off.

I was summoned to appear for Jury Duty! Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

That was a bad day! If I were you when I got the summons I would have had a little cocktail! You have earned it.