Monday, April 13, 2009

Star Burst, now banned from my house.

Next year that sneaky little Easter Bunny better not put those Star Burst jelly beans in my kids Easter basket again. I will have to become violent with that rascally rabbit!

With Zack not feeling well he woke up early...
very early.

I was able to stall him for a while before coming downstairs to find his basket that he had left out for the bunny to fill.
Then when he remembered the basket he could not get down the stairs fast enough. The look of disappointment on his face when he looked at the table and the basket was not there was a bit upsetting.

Note to self: next year teach the child the bunny hides the basket once he fills it.

I told him to go into the living room while I made breakfast, once he was there it took all of 2 seconds for him to find the basket and boy that frown was no longer in existence. He was all smiles from ear to ear.

That bunny left him books, a DVD, a train, and some candy. The handful of Star Burst jelly jeans the Easter bunny left in the bottom of the basket proved to be the defining moment when I knew I wanted to go all Elmer Fudd that bunny!

Although Zack was told he could have a few, he kept sneaking back into the basket until they were all gone! Not a good thing I tell you... not a good thing.
This is the kid that does not get a lot of sugar so I am sure you know what happened for the next few hours.

By the time breakfast was cooked and on the table both Kris and I were pulling our hair out.

Zack was non stop, full speed ahead. He barely sat to eat breakfast, his mouth never stopped moving. No I am not talking about him eating fast, he never shut up! He wasn't even down with one sentence and he was moving on to the next. He even had the hands going.

The kid was in a full sugar high!

It was awful, I had never seen him like that and I was afraid he would never come back down from those stupid jelly beans.

So I warn you Easter Bunny if you so much as put one Star Burst Jelly Bean in my kids Easter basket next year I will have to hunt you down.
Stay away from any candy that has the word Burst in it.

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