Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He has fallen and can't get up.

Can someone please tell me how a child can fall out of bed, hit the floor and not be awaken from it?

I went to check on Zack before heading to bed.
He was not in his bed. I was getting ready to start panicking. Then spotted him on the floor (it was dark).

I know he fell because he was an odd position on the floor with several stuffed animals underneath him. He never gets out of his bed until Kris or I come into his room to get him. If something is wrong he sits there and whines or cries until we get there.

Kris lifted him up and put him in bed, he never woke up. This is not my child. My child wakes up the second you open the door, if by some miracle you get the door open and walk in there he is awake before you get over to his bed.

I was upset that he fell out of bed and never cried or woken up.

Kris trying to be the voice of reason says "I did it all the time when I was a kid."
Lets just say that did not help. I already knew there was something wrong with my husband now I will worry my child will be defective too. LOL

Just kidding honey you know I love you.

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