Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Continued

We waited in line for a bit to see The mouse. But it was worth it.

Minnie was there with Mickey so Zack was able to see both of them at once, rather than wait in another long line to see Minnie.

When Mickey leaned down to hug Zack I heard Zack ask him if he could play checkers with him. If you have ever been to Magic Kingdom, you walk through Mickeys house before getting to the area where Mickey greets people. In Mickeys house he has a huge checker board set up so that seems to be what Zack focused on.

When Minnie leaned down to hug Zack my little romeo threw caution to the wind and kissed her right on the tip of her nose! He obviously did not care that her boyfriend was right there. It was just too cute!

Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse & Zack

After we left Mickey, Zack asked Kris to take him on the cars. Now that was a sight to see. My poor baby was driving yet he couldn't see over the steering wheel. I would post a picture of this but really you can not see Zack in any of them. LOL. By the time they got off that ride Kris said "When he learns to drive you are teaching him". When I asked why he replied that several times Zack took his hands off the steering wheel and laughed hysterically. I do see high insurance premiums in our future.

We went on several more rides before Kris came up with the bright idea of taking my little baby on that thing he called a ride. Yes my child who was enjoying his 3rd birthday at Disney's Magic Kingdom was now being taken on

Splash Mountain.

(they apparently measured him 3 times to make sure he was tall enough and he made it by 1/2 an inch). My MIL, Indigo and I waited and waited and waited for them to come down. I told her several times that my stomach was in knots. I was feeling nauseated. I couldn't leave to go to the bathroom I felt I needed to see my baby at the bottom and make sure he was alright.
I could not believe that my husband was taking my baby on such a ride. I remember telling my MIL that if Zack was crying when they came down that ungodly mountain I was going to kill Kris.

And yes I meant it.

Who in their right minds takes a 3 year old on a ride that ends in a 52 foot drop? See I told you my husband isn't in his right mind. Now maybe you will all believe me when I tell you there is something wrong with that man I married. LOL

Look at that Smile, he was loving every second of it!

Much to my surprise my daredevil little baby boy was laughing hysterically by the time he got to the bottom of the mountain. So Kris was spared. My stomach eventually returned to a better state and my husband can not be prouder that his son loves thrill rides (insert me rolling my eyes here).

By the time we arrived back at the house this is what my overly tired baby looked like. Pitiful.

Sleepy Boy

We all had a great time and I am so glad my baby had a wonderful birthday.

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

How fun was that day??? I wish we were back at Disney-it is certainly magical!