Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day one of the trip.

First I want to say Amy I love you but never ever ever again will we come visit you again on such a short vacation. If we can schedule a longer vacation then yeah I wouldn't mind coming back. The amount of time spent in the car traveling to the panhandle of Florida to visit Amy and her family before heading to Orlando area was insane and I refuse to do that again. That was just pure torture and I for one do not get a thrill out of torturing myself!

We did get the chance to watch Gabby play a game of soccer while we were there.

This is Sydney, she is a little spitfire!

It was very hard trying to explain to Zack that he could not go out on the field and play with the kids.

Here he is trying to plead his case to Kris.

Here is Zack leaving Amy's. He was in a good mood at this point because we told him we were going to see Ma. Poor kid had no idea it would take forever to get there to see her.

When we finally rolled into our final destination we were all exhausted. Well that is a lie, the kids were full of energy and running around like they had been trapped in a car all day! Is there a way to bottle that energy? I know I sure could use some of it. I wound up being a terrible guest and I fell asleep on the couch.

Oh and I did want to say one thing to the idiot/jerk/moron who obviously does not know how to drive. When you are driving down a road in the middle of the night at some point you should see signs, be it speed limit signs, road signs, or heck even mile marker signs. You see they are all reflective so when your headlights hit them you can read them. IF you do not see any such signs while traveling down that divided highway then you may want to pull over. You were on the wrong side of the divided highway you idiot and you could have had a head on collision with us because you weren't smart enough to get the hell off the road! Turn in your license you obviously aren't smart enough to have one.

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