Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning new words. - Updated

Lets see in the past week I have been called lame a few times. Now according to my 5 year old "Mom you are so pathetic."

He has been using the word stupid a lot which is driving me crazy. When I asked him where he heard that one he told me Squidward on SpongeBob uses that word. Thanks SpongeBob... NOT.

I love when my kiddo learns new words (insert me rolling my eyes here). He does not quite know what the meaning really is but hey they are big words to him so he uses them.

Oh and the best was last week Kris was trying tell Zack something that he apparently did not want to hear. The next thing we knew Zack told him to 'put a sock in it'. Yup he said it and he knew what it meant. We questioned him on where he heard it because neither Kris nor I use that term. Apparently that is the term his teachers use at nap time when the kids continue to talk instead of being quiet like they are supposed to be.

Tonight Zack said "Hey Mom, I learned a new word for mouth."
Me: "Oh, and what word would that be?"
Zack: "Salavation."
Me: "What?"
Zack: "Sal-a-va-tion"
Me: "And that means what?"
Zack: "That is another word for mouth."

Upon deeper searching he meant salivation meaning drooling.

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