Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs and Basket Making.

Zack wanted to color eggs so I put a dozen in the pot to boil, just as I was putting the last one in, I accidentally dropped it in the pot and it split open. oh well eleven eggs are better than none.

I set up the dyes, gave Zack the eggs and handed him a white crayon so he could write or draw on the eggs before dying them. He went to town. When he went to take the first egg out of the dye, he looked at it and said "Nope, it is not done yet. I think it needs to stay in longer." After doing that with each egg, it was very apparent that he likes vibrant colors, no pastel for him.

Here he is trying to write I love you dad on the egg before dipping it.

Here he was fairly satisfied with deep yellow of this egg.

After he was finished coloring all the eggs, we cleaned up and he let me know how much he loves to color eggs. He told me it does not have to be Easter to be able to color eggs.

He also wanted to make a basket for daddy. Apparently we could not give daddy the treats we bought for him unless they were in a basket. So that put me in a spot to think of a way that a 5 year old could make a basket with things I had on hand. I came up with cutting a gallon milk container. Then Zack and I tore up some tissue paper, then mixed up some Elmer's Glue with water and painted the glue on the container. Then he put the tissue paper all over the container, painted a bit more of the glue to make sure the tissue paper was completely stuck on and left it to dry. Voila, a quick and easy basket idea that a 5 year old can do. I cut a strip of the milk container to use as a handle and covered it with ribbon then attached it to the basket. To bad I forgot to take pictures of Zack doing all that messy work. He had mixed feelings about that glue being all over his hands.

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