Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This past Saturday night I babysat Indigo, my granddaughter so David and Lilly could go out and have a good time. Indigo and Zack played with toys for a while, then of course they wanted to play hide and seek so we had a rousing game of that. I have got to say after 'finding' them for the 12th time I was pretty much done with that. lol Why is it that kids hide in the same place all the time. How many times can one adult act surprised to find two little kids hidden under the covers on the couch?

Then we watched part of a movie so we could start relaxing before bed time. Once they started getting bored with the movie I knew it was time for bed. Zack was easy, he had his same routine as every other night. Indigo on the other hand insisted she needed her mommy. She did not want to lay down in the toddler bed that I have in the guest room. No, she wanted to sleep in the big bed with me. When we laid down she asked me to sing the sunshine song that I sang to Zack so I did. Each time I closed my eyes, the little stinker put her hand on my face and sort of tapped me as if to say wake up. After a half hour or so she finally fell asleep and I was able to get up.
The next morning she wanted to know why I left her. She is too darn cute.

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