Saturday, January 29, 2011


I did something tonight I do not normally do. I just felt the need to lay in Zack's bed with him until he fell asleep. I do not know why because this is not something we normally do.

We did the whole get ready for bed routine, washed, brushed teeth, said prayers, climbed into bed and read a few books.

He asked me to sing to him like I do every night. Then he went through his check list of things he tells me every night before I leave the room, when I told him I wanted him to have sweet dreams he asked me what he should dream about. This happens quite often so I make up silly things for him to dream about and tonight he helped me make things up. I like to send my child off to dream land with happy, silly thoughts so I make up silly stories about him jumping in a puddle of chocolate pudding or ice skating on a pond made of jello... You get the picture.

After we did the whole dream thing he grabbed my arm and held on tight so I just laid there with him until he was asleep. As I tried to get out of his bed without waking him, he rolled over and whispered "I love you Mommy."


Makes my heart melt to hear him say those four little words.

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