Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word recognition...

Before I forget I wanted to post this because I thought it was so funny.

You see we do not swear in front of Zack, he is a little mocking bird so we keep the language in check for fear of going out in public with a potty mouth child ; )

Yesterday I was irritated over something and I said something with the word ASS. About ten minutes later my darling child who is sitting at the kitchen table playing so nicely with his Play-Doh says "Hey mom you know what?" So of course I respond with a "What Zack." Then my innocent, smiley faced child looks me straight in the eyes and says "Did you know that ASS is another word for BUTT?"

Can you say BUSTED?

Then I had to politely tell him never to say the word again because it was not an appropriate word for little boys to say.

*Note to self: little ears hear everything no matter how far away you think they may be.

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Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh dear, too funny! They never hear the stuff you WANT them to, like clean your room, do they?
Just stopping by to say thanks for the nice comment on my kitchen trim. I wasn't able to reply back as your email address shows as no reply-comment when I tried. You must have your email private on your profile setting.
Have a great night!