Thursday, October 30, 2008

The world ended last night.

I just thought you would want to know the world no longer exists, at least in Zacks mind.
We decided to take him to the bookstore so he could play with the train table he loves so much. So I wandered around the store while Kris was watching Zack. When I made my way back over there one other child was playing with the trains. We had already been in the store for 40 minutes or so before Kris started giving the countdown to Zack. When it was time to go Zack started throwing the tantrum of all tantrums! The other child was also throwing a tantrum but I am not really sure why since he wasn't leaving yet.
We never did get Zacks coat on to leave, I wound up carrying that and Kris was carrying a screaming, kicking, hitting 2.5 year old. From what Kris said Zack got in a few good hits.
When we were fighting Zack to get him buckled in the car seat the other child was being carried out kicking and screaming by his mom.
So the world ended last night for 2 little boys and the rest of us don't seem to realize that.

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