Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mean Mommy

I am the most hated mom in the world right now.
I took Zack to the doctor for his flu shot. He loves to go to the doctors office just to play with the toys in the waiting room. As soon as the nurse stands at the door calling his name, he either tries to bolt out the door or hide! I had to chase him down, carry him in to the exam room and hold him while he cried. Boy does that kids have a set of lungs on him. Just as quickly as the tears came, they were gone. This time I let him have a lalop (lollipop) which was promptly devoured.
He was polite enough to say thank you to the receptionist who gave him a sticker. So that is a good thing.
When we got home I asked him if he was going to tell Dada he had a lollipop, he responded with "No, girl" as he was poking his leg. So I take that as he is telling Dada the girl poked him in the leg. I wonder if he is just looking for sympathy.

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Kris said...

How cute! Wow, he really is picking up words! That's so great to hear.