Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Kris and I took Zack to a trunk or treat event today. He was all excited to go trick or treating and wearing his Pablo costume. We have been working on saying trick or treat for a while now and although it doesn't sound exactly like it you can tell what he is trying to say. We got there and got set up and put his costume on. He looked so cute. When it was time to trick or treat Kris took him from car to car while I handed out candy from our car. When they got back to our car he told me Zack wouldn't say a word to anyone much less look at them. Oh well so much for working on that phrase.
Last night while in the car he couldn't find the moon in the sky, he always gets so excited when he sees the moon. So we played a game of trying to find the moon. I taught him to say "Moon, Where are you?" It is so cute hearing him say Moon, Are you?" He tends to leave a word out here and there but that is ok for now. I am still so happy with what he is picking up.

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