Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pure Heaven

Yesterday I had to wash Zacks sheets, I put them in the dryer just as he was eating lunch so that by the time he was done they were nice and dry and ready for nap time. Once he was done and cleaned up we went to get his sheets from the dryer, I draped the pillow case around his shoulders and all he could say was "AHH" they were still warm. It started to slip as he was walking upstairs which upset him a bit but by the time I made up his mattress and got him into bed they were still a bit warm and he was in heaven! He never moved or lifted his head up to look at me as I left the room like he normally does.
Is there anything better than climbing into bed with still warm from the dryer sheets?


Kristin said...

When will you be over to wash my sheets?

Kris said...

There's nothing better!