Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went to the park yesterday, it was entirely too nice to stay indoors. Both Zack and Kaylee played on the slides and swings for a while then discovered the million acorns laying on the ground. Zack was the first to stuff one in his pocket. I told him it was ok to bring one home and show to daddy. I guess one meant 'one of everyone he sees'. Before I knew it he had his pockets so stuffed full of acorns they were falling out as he walked. I don't really know how he was walking anyway since they were weighing down his pants, with that I thought of 'I hope he doesn't wear his pants like that as a teenager'.
He cried and pitched a fit when it was time to leave. He kept bending down to pick up just one more as he was walking to the car. When I cleaned out his pockets so he could get buckled in his car seat I not only found acorns but I found several dead bugs. Yuck! I don't think he intentionally put them in his pocket because he is still a bit fearful of bugs. This makes me wonder what else I am going to be finding in his pockets thought the next few years.
Zack has always been interested in natures bounty but he has never wanted to take it home before. I guess I need to start learning about nature so I can be teaching him. I guess he doesn't know mommy is an indoor girl. LOL


I'm Sadie said...

LOL. He's so stinking cute. He's all boy!

Kristin said...

I will take acorns over rocks any day. My boys stuff rocks in their pockets. P.S. rocks are a bad thing in the washing machine.