Thursday, October 23, 2008

Freaky dreams.

I was having a freaky dream this morning about suffocating under a couch cushion. My arms were over my head, the cushion over my face. There were a few people there but no-one was trying to help me even when I was saying help me.
When I woke up my pillow was over my face! I had to wonder was I making noise in my sleep and Kris put the pillow over my head to shut me up? So I had to question him and ask him if he was trying to shut me up by putting the pillow on me. He said no, but do I really believe him? LOL You know because I could not have done it myself! LOL
I always blame any freaky or odd dream I have on him, poor guy just sits and takes it.

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I'm Sadie said...

That is a weird dream. I hope you don't have anymore....