Friday, October 10, 2008


This child of mine is making me sick with that he dips in RED (aka Ketchup). I know tons of kids like ketchup and I am fine with that, heck I even use it sometimes, but seriously I am wondering when Zacks skin is going to start turning RED. This kid of mine eats more ketchup than any human I have ever seen. On average we go through a bottle of it every 10 days.

I thought it was gross when he started dipping his fruit (Mandarin oranges, grapes, apples...). Then it started making me queasy when I caved and gave him a brownie and he dipped that in there. Well last night my stomach was churning watching him eat marshmallows dipped in Ketchup! I am really afraid of what he will dip next. Someone please tell me (even if you have to lie to me) that this too shall pass.

You know those little packets of ketchup you get from fast food places well I have to keep a baggie of them in my purse for emergency situations. Speaking of fast food when the drive thru person asks if you want ketchup and you tell them yes and a lot of it. Why do they think 5 packets are a lot? That is just a tease to my child.

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kirimarie said...

Ben calls ketchup "Dipit." Just today, he was scooping up a spoon of applesauce, dipping the bottom of the spoon in his "dipit" and chowing down. Yum!