Friday, January 22, 2010

Tumbling down

Last week when I went to my favorite store. As I was walking down the main aisle I noticed a couple in front of me, she was pushing a cart with a little one sitting nicely minding his/her own business. The guy was walking somewhat behind and to the right of her. All of a sudden she fell.

The guy who was with her never bothered to help her up! He did ask her if she was OK but he never offered her his hand to help her up. After she told him she was fine, she got up laughing (I am sure she was quite embarrassed) and continued to push the cart. I heard him say "damn we need to sue this place."

What has this world come too? What did the store have to do with her falling? Nothing! She did not trip over anything, she did not slip on a spill, she just went down, like when your legs just give way and they buckle underneath you. I am sure it didn't help that she had on 4 inch heels with a pencil thin spike for a heel.

They turned to go down another aisle, I continued straight on. Maybe 15 minutes later or so I see them again and he is still telling her she needs to sue this place. This guy was really pushing the subject. The woman just kept telling him she was OK and let it go. I just do not understand the mentality of people like him. Why does he feel the store needs to pay money for someone who to took a tumble? I know the economy stinks right now but there are other ways to make money.

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