Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My mac and cheese

I made a big batch of homemade macaroni and cheese last night, I was able to split it to make three meals out of it. I wrapped up two and popped them into the freezer for future use. The one we had for dinner last night I added some chunks of ham to.

Up until a month ago my darling child would not even let my homemade mac and cheese touch his lips much less let it get passed them. Then one night that all changed. Not only did he eat it but he asked for seconds. I was shocked.

Last night he ate such a large helping I thought for a second he must be feeding the dog under the table... but then I remembered we do not have a dog. I don't know what changed to make him like it but I for one will not complain about it.

Now this part is for my mother....

You are such a jinx. As I was starting to wrap the freezer stuff, this happened.
What are the odds that this happens to you on Sunday and me on Monday?

It is a good thing I found a good deal on this a few months ago and stocked up.

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sandy said...

Yum! Mac and cheese is the best!

By the way, the same thing happened to me with my foil this week. Weird!