Monday, January 25, 2010

Spending Challenge update.

I completely forgot to write about how my 2 weeks of no spending went, thanks Kristin for reminding me.

We did purchase milk twice during that two weeks as well as bread. I ended up buying a box of baking soda because I was an idiot and assumed we had some. I also had to put gas in my truck. One other thing I forgot to factor in was my Sunday papers for the coupons, so yes I spent money on that too.
Kris used a gift card to purchase a part for the toilet he had to fix. He also used a gift card to buy some Advil for me ( I did want to give him a pop upside the head though because we have a two dollar off coupon he could have used). He also had to put gas in his car.

I resisted the temptation of buying some Chocolate when I went to buy some milk. I am telling you that Chocolate was calling to me, I can still hear it. It knew my name and everything and yet I walked by it. I tried to resist looking in its direction because I just knew I wouldn't be able to resist it's charm.

During this time, we cooked all our meals at home, not once did we go out to eat (that in itself was a huge battle). I took little one for walks each day, yes it was cold out but we needed to get out of the house. He rode his big boy bike over to the park and played for a little while, we went to the library, borrowed lots of books from there as well as a few DVDs.

The day after my no spend challenge the little one I was babysitting was beyond annoying and quite frankly she frustrated the heck out of me. Nothing like a child fake crying for over two hours. I finally had enough and called her mother and said come get her (the minute I told her her mother was coming the 'crying' stopped the smile came out, the laughter ensued, the 'pretend' belly ache disappeared). She got what she wanted...

I was so frustrated with her I called Kris and said "Zack and I will be there to pick you up, I need to get out of this house". So we went out for lunch. I wanted to smack myself later on for spending the money on lunch but oh well.

It has been so long since I have been to Target. Oh how I love that store. Oh how I miss it so. I figure if I step foot in there I know I will spend money on things I don't really need so I will avoid it for as long as possible.

I have been thinking about doing it again, maybe for a longer period of time next time so we will see.

I also have to say I have been scouring the Internet for blogs about crafting things because I am so tired of these bare white walls. Yes we do have some pictures of family in frames on the walls but I want more than that. I was decorations of sorts. Decorations that are made on the cheap. So I will be showing you anything that I craft.

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Kristin said...

thanks for the update. Sounds like you did great. Keep up the good work.I could not last two weeks without Target. I am addicted!