Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cooking day.

Today was a fairly productive day. I was able to get some meals cooked and ready for the freezer.
I made a batch a chili which we will get 3 meals out of, cooked up some ground turkey to throw in a casserole later on, a pepperoni pizza roll made with homemade dough, a chicken stroganoff and a batch of buffalo chicken for salads.

Now ask me what we are having for dinner tonight and I will have to tell you... I am not sure. LOL!

Zack is bugging the crud out of me right now. I promised him we would try our hand at making some cheese crackers the other day and we never got around to doing it. He sees me doing all this cooking and he has to keep bugging me. Maybe I can get away with promising him that we will do it tomorrow. If we do make it tomorrow then I will plan on making some banana bread tomorrow and maybe a batch of pumpkin bread since that went so darn quickly the last time I made it.

I am hoping that on my really lazy days I can remember to take something out of the freezer and just throw it in the oven. I think it will be easier on me, knowing I have something in there that is just a few minutes away from being a good meal.

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Kristin said...

You are the woman. I can hardly manage to cook dinner at night these days. Been MIA for a while, how did the spending freeze turn out?