Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas trees

Christmas is over and I have a big bare spot in my living room where our tree once stood. Oh how sad it was taking all the decorations down knowing it would be another 11 months before they could go up again.

Poor Zack nearly cried taking the decorations off the tree, he just doesn't want the tree to be gone for so long. He helped Kris take the tree down and put it back in the box. Yes, we do have an artificial tree by choice. You see one thing I really can not stand is getting those stupid pine needles in my feet in June even though I have vacuumed a million and a half times since taking the tree down. Every year that I ever had a real tree it has happened to me.

Last night we took the decorations off Zacks tree in his room. He was helpful but whined about taking it down the whole time. I considered leaving it up and just changing out the decorations based on what holiday was coming up. After all it is in his room, no-one sees it but us so who would really care. Having said that I did take it down and put it away. We are on a budget this year so we really can not be spending money on decorations for every holiday.

Speaking of Christmas trees, my Grandma had a little tiny tree that she put up in her living room every year. When Christmas was over she put it back into the bag, in the closet until next Christmas. I always loved her tree. When Grandma passed, my mother inherited the tree. It is nice to walk into the house at Christmas time and still be able to see the tree. I used to have a picture of that tree but I do not know where it went to.

I think this year my husband will not be a happy camper when I make him put up the tree in the living room and one in the loft. After all that should be his punishment for not getting the outside Christmas lights up this year.

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