Saturday, January 16, 2010

Temperature gauge

It is official my three year old thinks I am nuts!

First let me say I have had a bottle of water sitting on the floor board of my truck for so long now that it just seems like it belongs there.

Yesterday when Kris went to get out of my truck he knocked the bottle out of the truck and it rolled along the parking lot and went under someones truck. Not within reaching distance he left it sit there. I figured we would be able to pick it up when we came out.

Sure enough when we were done, the truck was gone and we were able to just walk over and pick it up.

Having said that, when he knocked the bottle out of the truck I pretended to yell at him for knocking my temperature gauge out of my truck. Zack had no clue what we were talking about but of course he had to be in on the conversation. He was upset with Kris for knocking mommies temperature 'thing' out the door.

When we were done and saw that the water bottle was easily accessible now I said something about picking up my temperature gauge now. Zack was all excited about it until he got a little closer. "Mommy that's not a temperature thing, it is a water bottle".
As I bent down to pick it up, I tried to explain to him it was a temperature gauge because when it freezes over I know it is cold out, when it is bubbling I know it is hot out.
Little stinker give me a look as if the say "you have lost it mom".

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