Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching up.

He's catching on to her ways.

Zack looks forward to K coming and every day he asks if she is coming today. It has gotten so I don't know anymore when she will be here and when she won't but that is a whole other story.

Every morning that she does show up for at least an hour and a half I hear "K lets go upstairs and play, lets play this and lets play that." Every morning I hear the same "No yet, I am tired, No I want to watch TV, No I don't feel like playing." He gets frustrated and she knows it. That is why she does it.

Today he was asking and asking but she kept telling him no. After a while I said the TV will be going off after this show. Apparently she did not believe me because even after I turned it off she still sat there watching a black screen.

After a while he asked again she told him no then proceeded to walk past him and go upstairs to the playroom. He followed but every suggestion he made, he was told no. After a half hour of trying to get her to play with him, he gave up and went into his bedroom and played with the train set he has in there. The second she realized he wasn't coming back out she stood at his door begging him to come play with her. He responded with a great big NO. He stayed in there playing by himself for about 45 minutes. Much of that time she stood at his door asking him to come out and play.

When he finally did come out she was all to happy to play with him.

I had to laugh because she frustrates the heck out of him with everything having to be her way or no way, everything has to be on her time. I wonder if she will remember how she felt today standing outside his door and how she didn't like it. Now maybe she will stop doing it to him.

I try to let them work out their differences but every once in a while it is good to see the little one win a round.

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