Monday, January 11, 2010


OK so this no spend challenge I have enforced upon my household is not going so great.

I figured we would have to buy milk, bread and gas to get Kris back and forth to work but that was my limit.

I have spent money on baking powder that I did not plan to. I made a mental note to myself never ever start baking banana bread unless you pull all the ingredients out of the pantry first. I didn't want to waste the eggs I had already broken open, or the bananas I already mashed up so I went to the store and got the baking powder. Why I did not replace it when I ran out I will never know.

I did have to put gas in my truck yesterday which I didn't plan on doing BUT in my own defense I had gone just over a week with less than a quarter of a tank. That is awesome considering I drive an older truck that sucks gas ways to fast.

Kris had to fix a toilet in the house and had to buy a part for it but he did use a gift card to make that purchase, so yeah to him.

Kris has to mail a certified letter out sometime this week so he will have to spend a bit of money on that.

Other than that we are doing well with not spending. We are eating from home every meal. I have double up the recipes on certain meals and have a small freezer stock for the first time in a long time. My aunt gave us some sweet potatoes yesterday so I am going to try to freeze some for future side dishes.

I will say it is killing me to see all these deals people are finding and I am not in on it. I would normally have bought several gifts by now for birthdays/Christmas and whatever from all the after holiday sales but I am holding steady in my quest.

I plan on making some pumpkin bread this week but did not have any ginger in the pantry so when I went to visit my mom yesterday I was able to swipe some from her. Frugal me, hey it kept me from having to go to the store.

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