Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play time with Play-Doh

Boredom is setting in for the little one since we haven't gone anywhere but the library in a week. It is much to cold to go to the park and play, there isn't much around here that little ones can do that do not cost a cent so we have been staying in.

He asked to play with the play-doh yesterday. Silly little monkey thought he was going to play with it in the living room. I don't really want play-doh covering my couch or my carpet so that bright idea was nixed. I let him know that anytime he plays with it, he must be at the dining room table.

He played and played and played with that play-doh for quite a while. I was surprised at just how long he did play with it. Then after nap time he asked to play it again so back out everything came and he played with it again for at least and hour and a half.

It is not like he never gets to play with it because I do have a small backpack filled with Play-Doh and some cookie cutters that come with us whenever we go to a restaurant. It keeps him busy enough until they bring out our order.

He woke up this morning asking to play with it again. I did tell him he has to wait because mommy and mornings do not really mix and adding play-doh into that might be a disaster.

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