Sunday, November 9, 2008

This weekend.

I drove all the way out to my moms yesterday to take her to a Christmas Craft show (which is hosted at an elementary school) that we go to each year. Boy were we disappointed. I think I am done with Christmas craft shows for a while. The past few years haven't been to good. We also had Zack and K (the little one I babysit) with us, and Zack just wasn't listening yesterday at all.
I think my mom got the biggest kick out of Zack when we were leaving the show. Zack spotted the playground and kept repeating 'park, park, park'. So when I told him no park because he wasn't a good boy when we were in the show, through his tears he says "Happy". In other words he would be a happy boy if he got to go to the park. I have to say, I didn't buy it and we didn't go.
I do know she was thrilled to hear him call them "bram ma" and "bram pa" for the first time ever.

Today he spent most of the day outdoors with Kris trying to pick more rocks. So I am hoping all the fresh air will help him have a great night of sleep. I really can not wait until we have a nice grassy back yard.
Kris if your reading this all your hard work isn't going un-noticed. Thanks a bunch.

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