Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Meal

First let me start off this post saying Zack has eaten at McDonalds once in his entire life and that was because it was the only fast food place at the exit we stopped at on our way to PA nearly a year ago. I don't care for McDonalds food all that much so I avoid it.
Anyway today Zack is playing while I was trying to read a book. He came over to me and pushed the book down and said he was hungry. It was nearing the time Kris would get home from work so I told him he had to wait until daddy got home and we would eat. I asked him what he wanted. His response "A happy meal with fries and chicken nuggets"!
I was shocked. He had to have seen a commercial for it on TV. I truly believe McDonalds has great marketing to entice children. How else would he have known about happy meals?

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Kristin said...

The marketing is getting crazy. AJ saw the Ronald McDonald balloon on the Thanksgiving parade and asked for a happy meal. Can't believe that he can associate the two already.