Monday, November 17, 2008

Shame on me.

OK, I will admit I tell little white lies to Zack every now and again.
Stop shaking your head thinking I am a bad mommy, it keeps the peace and most often prevents any kind of tantrum. Admit it you would do it too if you have a restaurant full of people looking at you or the people at the store staring at you like you can't control your child.
My latest and I have to admit greatest little white lie was in a family oriented restaurant that has a game room with several arcade games and they have several more outside the doors to the game room. Zack sees them and well at that moment for him dinner was over and all he wanted was to go play. Neither Kris nor I were done eating so the not so true statement came out of my mouth just in time to avoid the tantrum. As Zack was pointing and saying "play" I asked him if he sees the game flashing, he said yes and I said "when it flashes that means it is broken and we can not play it until they fix it".
It worked he sat back down in his chair and asked for a lalop (lolly pop).
I wonder how much longer I will be able to get away with things like this?

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