Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks Mom.

I tried and tried to fight it but I didn't win. I told my Mom weeks ago that I wasn't having a birthday this year but she didn't buy it. She told me she was pretty sure that she remembered being in pain caused by my birth. To be honest I don't believe her story about pain. Lets face it I was an easy child from the moment I was born, Mom must be loosing it because she doesn't seem to remember it that way. I don't know why, maybe she is getting me mixed up with someone else?

Hey it could happen!

Anyway, Mom this is for you...

Oops I forgot this blog shows a different time, so those who have asked, yes my birthday is the 19th.


Tracey said...

is your bday on nov. 19? which would actually be today if it is happy birthday if it isn't happy birthday anyway cuz i really don't remember everyone's bdays

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Happy Birthday!!
Thanks for your comment on my blog-I would LOVE to come to NC for a road trip! However, I can only do glue gun work, and little "bits" of painting...big walls need someone else-I have a short attention span! (I call it Domestic ADD...)LOL
Stop by my blog anytime!!!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday!!